Impact is multiplied and influence is expanded through collaboration and partnership. We become more effective as we listen, learn from, engage with, and share solutions with others. Here are some key ways Wellspring is engaging with partners to multiply impact.



The RENCP serves as the primary body for representation, information sharing, and learning among 40+ organizations involved in the education sector. Wellspring is one of the founders and currently serves as Chair. Find out more.[/one_third]


ACT Rwanda

Since 2005, Wellspring has stood behind a grassroots association for Christian teachers called ACT Rwanda that was started to support hundreds of Christian teachers across the country in their faith and profession.[/one_third_second]



The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) is an accreditation body for 5000+ Christian schools. Wellspring has partnered with ACSI Africa to hold an annual Rwandan Roundtable for Christian educators and is exploring opportunities to develop a relevant accreditation program for African Christian Schools.[/one_third_last]