Abundant Leadership Institute

The Abundant Leadership Institute was launched in Rwanda in 2015 to equip and invest in Africa's most promising educators.

Our Vision for the Abundant Leadership Institute

To see education in Central and Eastern Africa transformed by the love of Christ, as passionate leaders with vision are equipped to transform their school communities.


Our modules are delivered by carefully selected local and international distinguished professionals and facilitators, each of whom has extensive knowledge and long-standing experience, providing global and local context with a Biblical perspective. Furthermore, devotional messages are shared alongside the module to provide a Biblical reflection, and a source of inspiration to act as “salt and light’ in the educational world, as we strive to learn from Jesus Christ’s leadership model.

Six Stepping Stones of an Abundant Leader & The Power of Abundant Leadership

Create Vision

Serve Others

Develop Strategy

Build Team

Multiply Impact

Mobilize Community Assets

ALI Distinctive

Quality & Values Based

Focused Instruction & Training

Leadership Library & Resource Center

Group Activities & Case Studies

Strong Practical Application

Leadership Development & Toolkits

Dynamic Living & Learning Community

Assigned Mentors & Coaches

World Class Facilitators

Christian Education

Affordable Fees

Peer Coaching