Many of you have probably already had the pleasure of meeting Barb Luck at an event or chatting with her over the phone, but now it’s time to officially get to know one of Wellspring’s longest serving staff members! Barb has been working with Wellspring as a Financial Officer since its inception in 2004. We’re privileged to be working alongside her as Wellspring’s story continues!

Barb was born in Vancouver before moving out to Langley, where she raised her two kids with husband, Edgar, who is a Wellspring board member! Before Wellspring, Barb used to work in customer service at Dairyland and spent her nights taking courses for accounting and computer training. When her nephew, Richard Taylor, felt the call to work alongside a team of Rwandans as they sought to heal their country through providing a quality education to all, Barb was eager to help. Over the years, she’s seen our North American team grow from two people in Langley  to an eleven person team in Langley, Salmon Arm, and Ontario.

“In the years I’ve worked with Wellspring, it has been such a delight to watch the organization grow and bloom into one that makes a lasting impact. God has provided for us in so many ways and it has been amazing to watch transformation occur in the lives of individuals both in North America and in Rwanda.”

Barb spends her days at Wellspring liasoning with our wonderful supporters. She ensures that all donations are processed correctly and that our finances are up to date. We would be lost without her! Barb also communicates frequently with our Rwandan financial team to ensure that all operations are running smoothly. Her service in North America helps the team in Rwanda to empower a new generation.

Outside of work, Barb enjoys the outdoors. She’s got a green thumb and can cultivate a beautiful garden. She also enjoys reading and cycling with her husband. When Barb reflects on Wellspring, she remembers the times when our dream felt impossible, when funds were lean and we weren’t sure if there would be enough to cover the bills. But God always came through. He provided when we thought there was no way forward. In Wellspring’s future, Barb is excited to see God’s continued faithfulness and provision as Wellspring expands. She is excited to continue to support our wonderful Rwandan team as more and more lives are impacted by a quality education.