Say hello to Juliet Kabatesi, one of Wellspring Quality Education trainers! August 2017 will mark Juliet’s five year anniversary with Wellspring. Our team has been blessed with her creativity and positive outlook over the years, and so has Rwanda’s Gasabo district, where Juliet has provided training for countless teachers and impacted entire school communities!

Juliet was born in a refugee camp in Western Uganda, where she helped raise her siblings. In December 1994, she moved to Rwanda and has lived here ever since. Juliet obtained her teaching certificate in Uganda and taught Grade Three there for a few years. After moving to Rwanda, she became a Head Teacher. She stayed in that position for seven years before leaving to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Instead of returning to her Head Teacher position after completing her degree, Juliet joined the International Education Exchange where she learned how to apply her education and skills to training teachers. After a year, she moved to Wellspring as a teacher trainer to help spread quality education techniques to multiple schools and transformation the education community across Rwanda.

“Wellspring is full of servant leaders—people who are humble, caring, and loving. Because the people of Wellspring encourage and believe in me every day, I am a changed person. Now, I have the opportunity to bring this change to others.”

For the past five years, Juliet has been working with local leaders and teachers in the Gasabo district around Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. Through workshops, feedback, and teaching model lessons, Juliet helps teachers understand the importance of provide a quality education for their students. Leading by example, Juliet walks teachers through the process of creating unique teaching aids and integrating them into lessons to promote active participation among students. Active participation ensure that students are invested in their learning and helps them grasp concepts with a deeper clarity. This is just one example of the good work that Juliet does! We could go on for hours about the various activities that trainers like Juliet use to help Rwandan teachers.

As Wellspring continues to expand and move forward, Juliet is excited to see more and more students impacted by teachers who love and respect them and impart a love for learning. Each student deserves an education that matches their potential, and it is trainers like Juliet who are helping this to become a reality across Rwanda.