You Must Come and See

Tuesday, February 19 – Kigali, Rwanda

How can we put into words ALL that our team has shared over these past 11 days together?! Although we have tried, our expressions of curiosity, discovery, delight, laughter, and awe cannot capture all that we’ve experienced. To know Rwanda, you really must come and see for yourself. It is a breathtaking place – hill upon cultivated hill gracing the populated countryside. Redemption stories whisper from the fabric of a patchworked history. And we too entered into Rwanda’s redemption story as we allowed our hearts and minds to be touched by its beauty and people. As we reflected on our time together, these were some words that described our experience:

  • Joy – Although the poverty was overwhelming at first, we saw how there is no lack of joy in the schools and among the Rwandan people.
  • Abundance – Seeing the beauty of Rwanda and Christ’s presence in this place
  • A Gift – Seeing Wellspring’s part in the greater narrative in Rwanda
  • Protection – The seeds that have been sown here in Rwanda have grown
  • Hope – God is truly redeeming the world!
  • Eternity – What we’ve experienced is a glimpse of what is to come
  • Stewards – We are being transformed so that we can living out our calling to care & sustain God’s creation
  • Thankful – for the trust and faith that have been exhibited
  • Faithful – That we would all be found faithful wherever God has called and placed us

And finally, our trip would not be complete without a poem, written by our talented teammate, Ben:

On February 7th, we boarded an airship
to meet new friends on a Wellspring trip.
From the home of Wayne Gretzky to the western shore
we’re sure this group will be no bore.

There’s team members and builders
and managers and teachers.
There’s business owners and truckers
and labourers and preachers.

We’ve come together for this short season
to see what Wellspring’s doing is the reason.
We were greeted at the airport with hugs and warm handshakes.
A kind and friendly offer our baggage they would take.

So off to the Dmall we went for our first rest.
After all that time of travel those beds were the best.
We woke up the next morning to meet with Jeff & crew.
Each one of them shared briefly of the work that they do.

I knew right from the get-go this was a trip I’d not regret.
The work I saw and friends I made I would not soon forget.
The miles we traveled and the traffic here are certainly unreal.
But in comfort we sat in confidence with Zubear at the wheel.

We went to schools and heard the stories of children so bright.
To see them glance and hear them sing was such a great delight.
To listen to the teachers and the parent council member
these are stories and accounts I will surely remember.

The warm embrace, the smiles, and hugs have touched me very deep.
The joy in my heart and those tiny faces I see as I go to sleep.
We’ve had the most amazing time with work and song and dance.
This group was put together by Christ, this did not happen by chance.

Through time spent together in devotions and prayer
It’s obvious to see how deep each one cares.
To my fellow vision team members your love is so pure.
You’ve enriched my heart, now that is for sure.

To Kristie, our precious organizer and friend,
You thought of it all from beginning to end.
You’ve served us so faithful, now go get some rest
You truly deserve it, you’re simply the best.

To Jeff and your team, you’ve gone beyond and above.
You’ve treated us royally with incredible love.
You’ve cared for every need from Jerusalem to our nightly home.
It’s been so inspiring the love you have shown.

This beautiful country and its lovely people have treated us so kind.
As we return to our home, you’ll always be on our mind.