Be a Changemaker

Catalyst [noun]:

  • a substance that enables a chemical reaction to proceed at a usually faster rate or under different conditions (as at a lower temperature) than otherwise possible
  • an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

Learning how to read is a catalyst that speeds so many changes in our lives – we engage with the world differently once adventures and information arrive in handheld form. Wellspring’s mission also catalyzes changes in the lives of children and the communities in which they live. A child becomes a successful student, who finds a job they love, who brings financial resources to their family and community, and who goes on to teach their own children their value and the importance of education.

And you can be the catalyst that sets off those other chain reactions. Fundraising creates powerful change. By choosing to fundraise for Wellspring, you not only bring financial resources that change the lives of students, teachers, and communities, but you connect this mission of change to others in your network, inspiring them to play their part. 

With your help, bringing transformative education to Africa to break the cycle of poverty isn’t just possible – we can be unstoppable.

How To Start My Fundraiser

  1. Choose your Fundraising Activity. What inspires you? What do you find fun or motivating? Choose a fundraising activity that you will enjoy doing. Fundraising looks slightly different for everyone, because we all bring our unique talents, interests, and networks. Your fundraiser might be baking cookies to sell, it might be cycling hundreds of kilometres, or it might be hosting a video gaming tournament. The important thing is that you choose an activity that you want to complete. (For a list of ideas, check out our blog.)
  2. Choose your Fundraising Goal. How much do you want to raise for Wellspring? What would be a motivating amount for you and what would be realistic? Funding classroom support for a year is about $650, while a full workshop on empowering girls is $4,600. If you hit your fundraising goal but want to keep going, you can always increase it. (For more information on fundraising, check out our ‘Tips & Tricks’ blog). 
  3. Set Up your Personal Fundraising Profile. Check out the options below to see which works best for you. Wellspring’s signature fundraising event is Lake2Lake, but we also have a page dedicated to getting physically active, and another for all of the unique & creative ideas our fundraisers have. Alternatively, you can also fundraise offline. Download the resources below and contact if you choose this option.
  4. Share your Fundraiser with Friends and Family. Tell everyone what you’re doing to get them excited and giving! Share on social media, through email, and in face-to-face conversations. Tell them why you care about fundraising for Wellspring, and invite them to be a part of your catalytic change.

Fundraising Pages

Wellspring's Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda September 16-17, 2023 A cycling and fitness fundraiser supporting the spread of life-changing quality education for every child with The Wellspring Foundation for Education.


Ride with us every September! We have Lake2Lake events in BC and Ontario, but you can also participate virtually by cycling wherever you are.

We move to: Activate Hope Moving the needle means measurable change - kilometres run, hours biked, steps taken, and dollars raised. It means we're working together to end learning poverty - unleashing the potential of children and communities for generations to come.

Activate Hope

Are you a runner, climber, swimmer? This is our fundraising page for athletes and DIY athletic events. Link your Strava account to your fundraising profile and track your activity!

Ignite Change with Wellspring Ignite [verb]: To set afire. To set in motion. From climbing a mountain to selling a mountain of cakes, there are so many ways to Ignite Change for children and communities in East Africa! Together we are transforming lives through quality education, creating a future full of hope - for generations to come.

Ignite Change

For all our creative DIY fundraisers! Host your birthday or other celebration, put on an event, head to the kitchen, use your artistic talents, or do your own thing!

Fundraising Blog

Fundraising Resources

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