Something Changes Everything

When you do something, it changes everything:

Take a hike.
Organize a run.
Ride your bike.
Host a bake-off.
Dance until you drop.
Donate your birthday, wedding, or Christmas.
Take on that daring feat you’ve always dreamed of doing!

Start Your Fundraising Campaign Now

Your idea can become an opportunity to see Rwandan schools transformed into vibrant learning communities.

Fundraising for Wellspring


Celebrate your birthday and Wellspring at the same time.

Fundraising for Wellspring

In Honor Of

Celebrate someone you love by raising support for Wellspring.

Fundraising for Wellspring


Hike a mountain, skydive for the first time, or do something in between. Your next ‘thing’ can transform education.

Fundraising for Wellspring

Be Creative

Grow a mustache, shave your head, play a video game, dance all day. Do your thing, just do it for Wellspring. Go ahead. Get creative!