Your financial partnership enables us to empower quality education in Rwanda

COVID-19 is impacting all of us in so many ways.

Schools are now closed in Rwanda. This presents critical issues that are different to those we face here in North America. As a March 18th blog post from the World Bank states: 

“As we have seen from previous health emergencies, most recently the Ebola outbreaks, the impact on education is likely to be most devastating in countries with already low learning outcomes, high dropout rates, and low resilience to shocks

While school closures seem to present a logical solution to enforcing social distancing within communities, prolonged closures tend to have a disproportionately negative impact on the most vulnerable students.  They have fewer opportunities for learning at home, and their time out of school may present economic burdens for parents who may face challenges finding prolonged childcare, or even adequate food in the absence of school meals.”

Wellspring is particularly concerned about this, and therefore we have taken the following actions:

  1. We are in communication with the Rwanda authorities and our partners on the ground to see what specific measures we can take to help them in this crisis. We have had some requests, and our team is currently assessing how we can best respond. We will update you on this as soon as we are able.
  2. We are working directly with schools and communities to encourage them and keep communication lines open.
  3. We are looking at the educational resources we can provide to help children keep up with their learning from home.
  4. We are planning ahead for a surge in activity when the schools reopen. 

Your financial partnership is essential in this time of crisis.

We are determined to stay operational and respond to the needs of the nearly 200,000 vulnerable children we work with, their teachers, parents, school and community leaders.

Will you donate to Wellspring and enable us to fulfill our vision to empower quality education in Rwanda? 

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Wellspring is registered as a charitable organization in Canada (#88633 4408 RR0001). Tax receipts are issued at year-end for donations of $20 or more. 

Financial Policy: All monies receipted by The Wellspring Foundation for Education are disbursed according to the policies of the society for the general charitable intent of the organization.