“The training I gained from Wellspring helped me to be able to empower teachers…I built the relationship on trust and loyalty instead of on power and position, as it was before.”

Change Begins with Leaders

When leaders are impacted, entire school communities are transformed. That’s why Wellspring invests so heavily in educational leadership through our School Development Program. Through our training, leaders develop the character and heart for servant leadership, and are equipped with the skills to become confident, effective advocates for quality education. 

School Development Program

“I’m not ashamed to testify that I have been transformed by Wellspring. Wellspring has transformed me, and now the school is being transformed too.”

Many leaders in Rwanda’s public school system lack the skills and training to properly lead their schools and ensure that children are receiving the quality education they deserve. Our trainers work directly with Head Teachers, Directors of Studies, and key education officials to counteract this and see leaders equipped with the tools to succeed. After the trainings, our team visits schools and meets with the leaders in their own environment to provide ongoing support. To empower leaders to take ownership of quality education in their schools, we guide them through the following modules:

Servant Leadership

Effective School Management

Supervision of Quality Education

Vision & Strategic Planning

Encouraging and empowering leaders to approach their vital role with a heart of service, trust, and encouragement.

Providing practical support and training to develop the skills leaders need to manage their responsibilities and staff well.

Equipping leaders to effectively supervise and improve the quality of teaching and learning in their schools.

Walking leaders through the process of creating school visions and plans for improvement, to ensure sustainability in the future.


Encouraging local leaders to make a difference in their own communities is one of the best ways to make a lasting impact in the education sector. Read more about the impact these servant leaders are having in their schools below: