Our Work

The first step to transforming the future is transforming education. We do this through our School Development Program, a holistic, innovative, and people-focused approach to sustainable change. We believe that every stakeholderleaders, teachers, and parentshas their own unique role to play in supporting education. When they all rally together around kids, remarkable things happen. 

Where we work

Our School Development Program operates in two vastly different parts of Rwanda—one school district surrounding the capital of Kigali and the other bordering the Democratic Republic of Congoso that every child may have access to a quality Christian values-based education, no matter their location, no matter their circumstances.


Learn about our first district-wide program & its sustainability phase


Learn about our exciting expansion into Rwanda’s Western Province



Schools Transformed

Leaders Equipped

Communities Impacted

Teachers Empowered

Students with a brighter future

In the schools we work in, and in the lives of those we serve, we are seeing change in tangible ways:

Decreased Dropout Rates
Students are receiving the support they need to stay in school, and many children who have previously dropped out are returning.

Improved Exam Results
Many schools are experiencing dramatic improvements in exam results, and more students are progressing to secondary level.

Vibrant Classrooms
Classrooms are becoming positive, life-giving environments where children are valued and are actively engaged in their learning.

Engaged Communities
Parents and communities are now providing support and encouragement to students, and creative, practical support to schools.

Become a School Partner


Wellspring’s vision is to be a catalyst for transforming education in Africa, and to see every child given the opportunity to thrive and fulfil their God-given potential. We work towards this vision both by walking alongside school communities and by investing deeply in the lives of others who have the potential to bring change.


Partnership is a core value. It’s lived out through collaborations with partners who share our vision for quality education.

Stories inspire us

They make the intangible tangible. Every person we work with has their own unique story, and every one is worth sharing.

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