One of our core values at Wellspring is partnership

This value is lived out through collaborations with a range of partners who share our vision for quality education. As we listen to, learn from, engage with, and share solutions with others, not only does our impact and influence multiply, but many more lives are transformed in the process. We are currently privileged to partner with the following organizations:


Wellspring currently co-chairs the Rwanda Education NGO Coordination Platform (RENCP), which serves as a body for NGO representation, information sharing, and coordination in Rwanda. Together with 96+ member organizations, we are working to see education transformed at a national level.

Wellspring Academy

Wellspring began with the vision for a Christian school that would raise up a new generation of empowered servant leaders. Since 2007, the Wellspring Academy, which has from the beginning been Rwandan-run and fully sustainable, has equipped nearly 700 students for the future with an exceptional internationally accredited education. The Wellspring Foundation is honoured to both provide technical support, and to be represented on the school’s Advisory Board.


JustUs was created out of the collaboration & partnership between Wellspring and The Elevation Project (a program of Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited). As organizations that are passionate about seeing lives changed through education, both in Africa and North America, we are working together to equip young people with a global perspective and a Biblical understanding of issues such as poverty & social justice.

Acts of Grace

The Charis Foundation

D.H. Falle Family Foundation

Langford Foundation

Stronger Philanthropy

Bridgeway Foundation

Kehila Foundation

Redleaf Foundation

River Dali Foundation

EduDeo Ministries

Wellspring is partnering with EduDeo Ministries to develop an empowered association of Christian schools in Rwanda and ensure that Biblical worldview training is at the heart of empowering Educational Leadership.

Association of Christian Schools International

ACSI is helping strengthen 20,000 member schools worldwide.  In 2017 & 2018 Wellspring led the Rwandan pilot of ACSI’s Paths to School Improvement (PSI) program, which articulates clear and relevant standards and indicators for what authentic Christian schooling should look like.  Based on the success of this program, Wellspring has extended our partnership with ACSI to be a base for the spreading of the PSI across Africa and strengthening the development of the association of Christian schools in Rwanda.

Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda

In 2015, Wellspring embarked on a partnership with the Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda (AEBR), which saw us provide support to 22 AEBR-run schools in Rwanda’s Western Province. We ran training modules that equipped leaders and teachers in these schools with the tools to provide a quality education to their students. This partnership was the beginning of Wellspring’s involvement in the Western Province, and of a journey that now sees our work impacting thousands of children in 75 Rubavu District schools.

CLA Rwanda

Since Wellspring began in 2004, we have enjoyed an ongoing partnership with the Christian Life Assembly (CLA) in Kigali. It was among members of this congregation that Wellspring’s founders first heard the clearly articulated vision of the Rwandan people to rebuild their country through a distinctive approach to education. Wellspring and CLA worked together to create the Wellspring Academy, and CLA has also hosted many of our major training events in their facility.