What Is SCAN?

The SCAN initiative is an innovative and local approach to reducing dropout and fostering collaboration among school and community leaders, standing for School Community Advisor Networks. SCANs are composed of six key community members—teachers, parents, leaders—in each of our partner schools in Gasabo and Rubavu Districts. These groups share a common goal: reach out to the most vulnerable children in the community, encourage them while they learned from home, and ensure they had a path back to school.

Local Approach to Reducing Dropout

Local communities best understand the needs of their community and the most effective way to reach out to those in need. This is why SCANs work within the context of their school community to identify a locally specific strategy to combat dropout.This results in the empowerment of local leaders, a core component of Wellspring’s philosophy. In addition, it leads to a changed mindset about dropout wherein a community takes responsibility for the future of its children.

SCANning the Community

The SCAN initiative has been a powerful tool for the community to support children in their education, and has revolutionized the way they approach student dropout. SCAN members have had conversations with parents, provided school supplies for vulnerable students, and have helped teachers empathize with students in the classroom.
While this initiative began during the height of the pandemic as a short-term project to deal with the immediate consequences of pandemic-related school closures, many communities are planning to keep SCAN teams as a permanent part of their school ecosystem.
Every child who returns to school thanks to the efforts of SCAN is an individual with valuable life stories and significant futures that have yet to unfold. Now, these children have a future that includes quality education, one that will help them break the cycle of poverty and fulfill their God-given potential!

Other Foundational Pieces

We are sharing these Foundational Pieces to help you learn more about who we are and what we do.