What is SDP?

Our School Development Program (SDP) is one of Wellspring’s main programs. It operates in two vastly different parts of Rwanda—one school district surrounding the capital of Kigali and the other bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo—so that every child may have access to a quality Christian values-based education, no matter their location, no matter their circumstances.
The approach Wellspring developed in our early years—which focused on equipping not only teachers and leaders but also parents and communities—became our signature School Development Program (SDP). In partnership with a global expert who volunteered her time and expertise, a small-scale pilot of the SDP began in 2008, first in 3 privately-run schools and then in 7 public schools. This pilot project allowed us to begin meaningfully addressing the quality of teaching and learning in the country’s public schools. From the start, as our team of local Rwandan educators walked alongside teachers and leaders, coaching, mentoring, and measuring progress, we focused on sustainability and culture change in each school, ensuring that the positive change experienced would last.

Expanding the School Development Program

What began as a small-scale pilot project expanded beyond our imagination! In 2011, the Rwandan government granted Wellspring the incredible privilege of implementing our School Development Program in all 48 public schools of the Gasabo District. And a few years later, the Mayor of Rubavu District reached out, asking Wellspring to become the main education partner in 75 Rubavu schools. We were honoured and humbled to be welcomed so warmly into Rubavu, and so in 2017, we began to roll out our School Development Program across all 75 schools.
Our School Development Program works to equip Rwanda’s next generation by empowering each member to play their unique role in supporting education. It is a holistic, innovative, and people-focused approach to sustainable change. It’s all about local solutions, community, and collaboration, and it encourages the flourishing of students, parents, teachers, and leaders alike—because we believe that each member of the school community has their own unique part to play in the provision of quality education. And when everyone involved in school communities understands their—and each other’s—inherent value and worth, as well as their unique role in the educational ecosystem, transformation is truly possible.

Other Foundational Pieces

We are sharing these Foundational Pieces to help you learn more about who we are and what we do.