What is Servant Leadership?

When leaders transform, entire school communities transform. That’s why Wellspring invests in educational leadership through our School Development Program. Through our training, leaders develop the character and heart for servant leadership, and are equipped with the skills to become confident, effective advocates for quality education
So, what is servant leadership?
Servant leadership is a philosophy with the goal of developing school leaders who serve others, practice care and humility, and follow Jesus, the model of servanthood. It is a heart posture by which school leaders lead and serve their school through honouring and serving their staff and students
Servant leaders are humble, put others first, and are willing to learn and grow. This can look like involving staff in decision making, sitting in on lessons to provide encouragement and feedback to teachers, and treating staff and students with care and respect.
Our teacher trainers walk through training modules with school leaders, one of which focuses on this framework of servant leadership in order to encourage and empower leaders to approach their vital role with a heart of service, trust, and encouragement
Servant leaders have the power to dramatically change the culture of their school so that every student receives with the love, care, and attention they need to thrive!

Other Foundational Pieces

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