What are Teacher Multipliers?

We know that one times one equals one. Let’s apply this simple equation to Wellspring’s work to explain what Teacher Multipliers are and how they inspire transformation within schools!

When Wellspring’s teacher trainers train one teacher, they transform one classroom. While this is an amazing success in itself, we desire for all classrooms across Rwanda to transform into places of empowerment, belonging, and thriving. Doing this by training every teacher from every school in Gasabo and Rubavu is inefficient, and it goes against our work: to equip each member of the education ecosystem with the tools needed to transform the education system themselves.

This is where the concept of Teacher Multipliers comes in. 

When Wellspring trains one teacher, that teacher now carries the responsibility of passing their learnings along to their colleagues. This “multiplies” the transformation within each classroom and ripples across the entire school!

Multiplying The Impact

Our School Development Program equips a small number of Teacher Multipliers—the teachers we train, empower, coach, and mentor directly. We invite these ‘multipliers’ to attend training days to equip them with tools principles that guide them in providing a values-based quality education to their students. After they’ve been equipped with Wellspring training, we encourage these ‘multipliers’ to pass their skills along to their fellow teachers so that true transformation can take place. 

This model is a tool for empowerment, giving Teacher Multipliers the opportunity to take on a leadership role in mentoring their fellow teachers by guiding them through Wellspring-taught principles. It also ensures self-sustainability, which is an important step towards every child—both now and in the years to come—receiving an education that matches their God-given potential.

Other Foundational Pieces

We are sharing these Foundational Pieces to help you learn more about who we are and what we do.