What is a Teacher Trainer?

One key part of our staff are Teacher Trainers. Wellspring has 13 teacher trainers—all who have been teachers themself—walk alongside teacher multipliers through Quality Education training modules to equip teachers with the tools essential to providing quality education. Our Teacher Trainers also offer ongoing mentoring, coaching, and professional development beyond the training to support teacher multipliers as they grow in confidence and practical understanding of Wellspring’s modules.
As former teachers themselves, Teacher Trainers help teachers address challenges related to professional development, classroom practice, lesson planning. They understand teachers and offer them support as they build confidence and gain the skills needed to lead a classroom. Not only are teacher trainers a catalyst for the development of teachers, but are a catalyst for the transformation of whole schools!

Other Foundational Pieces

We are sharing these Foundational Pieces to help you learn more about who we are and what we do.