Why Does Education Matter?

It’s a Human Right

Quality education is fundamental to a child’s development, personal empowerment, and prospects for the future. It is the key to unlocking each child’s potential. Education cultivates creativity, talent, connection, imagination, community, discovery, growth, and so much more. It gives children the space to foster collaboration and problem-solving skills, build confidence, practice critical thinking, develop character, and expand their minds. It opens children’s eyes to the world around them, and the world of possibilities that lay before them.

And an Instrument of Change

Education breaks the cycle of poverty and injustice. It unleashes potential, fosters empowerment, boosts employment, and protects health. It drives equity, promotes economic growth, and builds peaceful and inclusive societies. It’s the root of healthy and vibrant communities, societies, and nations.

This is why we invest in education by partnering with local school communities to equip their educational ecosystem to provide the best education possible for their students. Investing in quality education means investing in the future.

Other Foundational Pieces

We are sharing these Foundational Pieces to help you learn more about who we are and what we do.