Rubavu District

Rubavu is a rural and agricultural district that stretches along the banks of Lake Kivu and borders the Democratic Republic of Congo. Like anywhere else in the world, kids here have hopes and dreams for their future, but right now, deep-set issues in the region mean that their circumstances are against them. These children are seeking an education in a broken system that is failing them.

Physical Punishment:

Many teachers use outdated and abusive practices to control their students, which creates fear and distrust in the classroom.

High Dropout Rates:

Kids are often pulled out of school to help around the house or to help generate income for families struggling in poverty. Many parents don’t understand the importance of their children receiving an education, as they never received one themselves. 

Gender Bias:

Girls are consistently exploited and overlooked in favour of boys to receive an education, which can lead to early marriage and pregnancy, as well as fewer opportunities in the future.

But the kids in Rubavu aren’t just statistics. They are real children with real dreams. They deserve an education that sees them treated with dignity and worth, one that will help them to fulfil their God-given potential, no matter their circumstances. And that’s why Wellspring has made a 5-year commitment to working towards transformation in Rubavu’s 75 primary schools. We want to see these schools flourish and reach the same exceptional standard we have seen in the 59 schools in our current program near the capital of Kigali.

In 2015, Wellspring started a pilot project in four primary schools in Rubavu, as well as sixteen schools in other districts. After a year on our program, the four initial schools in Rubavu already showcased dramatic improvements. Teachers treated students with respect and encouragement, classrooms grew into places of engagement and learning, and parents even became involved in the school community to ensure their children received the best education possible. After seeing the initial success in these four schools, the Mayor of Rubavu reached out, asking Wellspring to become the main education partner in all 75 primary schools in Rubavu, and in 2017, we did just that. Our School Development Program now operates in all 75 schools in Rubavu, nearly tripling the scope of our work.

We’re so excited to not only see what the future holds for education in this region, but to see the change and innovation that will come from the 92,000+ students who will now receive a quality education and be empowered to shape the future of their nation and the world.