A Changed Heart

This is part 1 of a 4-part series on Kabirizi School. Click here to read the story in full.

“At first, the staff could not believe the transformation they were seeing from me. I had become a new leader and they were curious to know what had happened to me. I was transformed by Wellspring training.”

When meeting Kabirizi’s head teacher Justin, it’s clear to see his passion for quality education. But this hasn’t always been the case. He shared what his leadership style was like before Wellspring’s training: “I was harsh with my staff. I was the only one to decide how things were done. When I observed lessons in the classrooms, my intention was to see the negative side of what the teachers were doing… I can now say that I was an authoritative leader. I hardly trusted people and there was always conflict.”

Instead of working toward the common goal of providing quality education, the staff was divided and focused their attention on creating conflicts. How were students supposed to learn in an environment that doesn’t cultivate thriving or pay attention to the learning needs of their students? 

When Wellspring’s trainers began working with Kabirizi, Justin took to the training immediately. He realized that the way he was running the school wasn’t conducive to students’ learning, and changed his heart posture as a result. He shared, “The big lesson I learned from Wellspring is to be a Servant Leader first of all. I learned how to listen, collaborate and delegate power to my staff. We were also taught the role of school leaders in promoting teaching and learning at our schools. I enjoy following the teaching and learning process at school.”

We have seen Justin adopt this position of Servant Leadership and watched it echo throughout the school and into the hearts of his staff and minds of his students. His story illustrates that lasting change is the product of a softened heart and continued effort. This is why Wellspring is committed to walking alongside schools as they reach a place where they can sustainably provide quality education to all their students—and your partnership is key in seeing this happen! 

When you sign up as a Monthly School Partner, you support the training and ongoing support that empowers the Kabirizi School Community to keep promoting teaching and learning for the days, months, and years to come.

Will you partner with head teacher Justin of Kabirizi School on this journey and be part of their education story?