[one_column]This year Wellspring celebrated 10 Years of God’s Faithfulness. Over those ten years He has turned a dream for Rwanda into reality and built a team of hundreds of staff, board members, financial supporters, and volunteers. We are truly grateful.

In 2004 there was nothing tangible to show for the dream God had placed on our hearts. It was raw, exciting, and terrifying.  Now we have a much more established work with a capable staff and a strong track record. So why does it still feel raw, exciting and a bit terrifying?

Perhaps it is because we are once again stepping into the unknown. God has clearly shown us it is time to expand beyond our borders and he is asking us to trust him. We are facing some uncharted territory: a country expansion (to Burundi), a new Abundant Leadership Institute, and the growth of our impact from 48 to 150 schools through partnership.

We are excited because the potential spiritual and educational impact in Eastern and Central Africa is huge. And we are uncertain because we do not have all the expertise or resources we need to fulfill the vision on our own. The truth is: we never have.

Thankfully in those moments of doubt God prompts me to get out of the office and take a walk or a drive or schedule a cup of coffee. I walk to the sound of 570+ children on a school site that did not used to exist. I drive with our teacher trainers to a poor rural school where God is changing lives. I chat with Rwandan leaders whose leadership is changing their communities as a result of our support. And I worship together with an incredible team of called people who are rebuilding their country: person by person and brick by brick.

Raw, exciting, and terrifying. Would we want it any other way?


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Reposted from Richard & Ericka’s blog: A Song for Rwanda