A Secret Weapon for Fighting Dropout

After watching The Importance of School Attendance, a video by the U.S. Department of Education, we were taken aback by the harsh reality of absenteeism in the education system here in North America. While hitting close to home, it opens up a broader discussion of the critical issue of dropout abroad, an issue which we work tirelessly to prevent in Rwanda.

It’s no surprise that we at Wellspring love education, and will forever be advocates for more students accessing quality education across Rwanda. We know that education lays the foundation for a nation, and ensures a bright and secure future for children, Rwanda’s next generation.

Around the world (including here in North America), children are significantly impacted when they’re not in school, even if only for a few days at a time. Challenges to school attendance may be different in different locations, and where we work in Rwanda the obstacles are significant—whether it be due to children harvesting the season’s crops, caring for younger siblings, or being forced into exploitative work. When a child in Rwanda misses school, they often do not return. And when students drop out, the next generation’s future is at risk.

But we know how important it is for every child to consistently be in school, which is why we work to ensure that everyone is rallying together not only to bring children back to school, but to give them the best possible chance at staying in school!

And just as the video highlights, engaged parents makes all the difference! Once they understand the value and importance of education for their children, they are invested in their child’s future. That’s why our work with parents is so critical. Parents who are engaged in their children’s learning are motivated to see their children succeed in their education, and will do what it takes to make sure they arrive in the classroom day after day! And the classroom is exactly where children belong.

“I understand now that investing time in children is the most important thing we can do as their parents. Giving support to them at school and at home, so they can be empowered to achieve their dreams.”

Interested in learning more about the role parents play in their children’s education? Click the link to see how we encourage and empower parents to use their skills and resources to become involved in their children’s learning: https://thewellspringfoundation.org/parents/