A Worthy Investment

There’s no doubt that quality education has the power to transform lives and change the trajectory of the future for students and societies alike. But quality education doesn’t just pop up overnight. It is a long-term effort and commitment to ensure that students are set up for their future and are equipped and empowered to thrive!

We think Joseph, the Deputy Head Teacher from one of our partner schools, G.S. Kabuye says it perfectly: “Education is a long investment! It takes time. But the result is continuous.”

Joseph is spot on. A commitment to quality education means providing consistent and long term support to all stakeholders. It is a commitment to walking alongside students, teachers, school leaders, and parents, and it’s the most powerful investment for our future.

The Return on Investment

Education is the root of healthy and vibrant communities. It breaks the cycle of poverty and injustice. It unleashes potential, fosters empowerment, boosts employment, and protects health. It cultivates creativity, talent, connection, community, discovery, growth, and so much more. Investing in quality education means investing in the future. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, doctors, pilots, politicians, teachers, actors, inventors, and education lays the foundation. The investment is so worth it, and the ROI (Return On Investment) is too good to ignore:

Quality education expands future opportunities

When students are equipped with an education that develops intellect and character, as well as knowledge and skills, their future is brighter. Doors to new opportunities are opened, and Rwanda’s bright students are able to chase their wildest dreams and see them come true.

Quality education reduces gender inequality

More education equals more opportunities. Access to quality education means that both girls and boys have the chance to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams, just like the dreams of girls like Noélla, a student from one of our partner schools! She wants to follow in the footsteps of Esther Mbabzi, Rwanda’s first female pilot, and take to the skies travelling and exploring new places. She wants to encourage other young girls to fight for their dreams too, because the sky’s the limit!

Quality education breaks the cycle of poverty

In the majority world, every additional year of education can increase a person’s future income by an average of 10%, and the GDP of a country by 18%. The benefits for individuals and the public are both tremendous and continuous as students remain in the classroom.

Quality education develops responsible citizens

Education broadens our horizons. A quality education teaches students about their rights and responsibility to society, promotes justice, dignity, and worth for all, and encourages students to treat others this exact same way. When reminiscing on his time in elementary at G.S. Kabuye, one secondary student shared, “What made me happy was that our teachers were supportive, and they gave us the opportunity to support others.” Even in his primary days, he was excited to show others the same love and respect he was shown at school!

Wellspring’s Investment

When we invest in quality education, we are investing in students, the future of Rwanda. When kids are equipped with the knowledge, character, and skills to achieve their God-given potential, they’re equipped to change the world!

But to invest in students, we first must invest in those who teach, encourage, support, nurture, empower, and pour into students at any capacity. For Wellspring, this means investing in teachers, school leaders, and parents in the school community through training and walking with each stakeholder, so that all are empowered to thrive and play their integral part of investing in the education of children themselves.

To capitalize on this investment analogy (pun intended), think of it this way: quality education is the stock; school leaders, teachers, and parents are the investors; and Wellspring is the financial advisor. Like a financial advisor, Wellspring provides guidance and support to the investors (school leaders, teachers, and parents) who are investing in the stock (quality education). Through Wellspring training—Community Involvement training for parents, Quality Education training for teachers and school leaders—the investors build their personal capital as they are equipped and empowered in their unique roles, and gain the knowledge and skills to invest in the quality education of students with excellence.

Can you see how investing in education is a long-term, yet continuous process, just like Joseph wisely said? At its core, it’s a commitment to every child, who is so worthy of accessing an education that places them at the centre of their learning, sees them treated with dignity and worth, and equips them with the knowledge and skills to take the world head on. 

While it’s fun to talk about the investment and ROI of education, the truth of the matter is that we do this because every child deserves the dignity that comes with quality education — to be treated with value and respect in the classroom, to be encouraged and empowered, and to be spurred on to reach their dreams.

And the investment is absolutely worth it.