Growing as a Teacher

“I need to grow and change; I can do it with your support.”—Francine, Primary 6 Teacher

This week, Francine had her second feedback session with her Wellspring mentor, Marie Jeanne. Francine is one of 30 teachers participating in Wellspring’s pilot program training teachers to combat negative gender stereotypes and empower girls in their learning. Marie Jeanne observed Francine’s 60-minute lesson and gave her feedback on 23 different elements of her lesson and her teaching.

Francine’s class was engaging and she included group problem-solving challenges, discussions, puzzles, visuals, writing, and talking in order to cater to each student’s learning style. The classroom felt supportive and welcoming; it was clear that Francine cared for her students and that they respected her. However, there were several key areas for improvement and growth.

Students working on a word puzzle in a Rwandan classroom.

Instead of being discouraged, Francine welcomed Marie Jeanne’s detailed constructive feedback. She even welcomed her Head-Teacher and some Canadian visitors into her classroom during the lesson! She was not nervous but excited to refine her skills. 

This desire to grow and Francine’s willingness to open her classroom to others is a testimony to her commitment to quality education, and it speaks to the trust she has in Marie Jeanne’s coaching and support.

Wellspring combines rigorous professional standards with a deep commitment to supportive relationships that nurture the worth and dignity of everyone we serve. Through our training and mentorship, we build into teachers like Francine—both professionally and relationally—so they can grow and build into students for generations to come. We look forward to the fruit of Francine’s teaching in the lives of Rwandan girls and boys!