Growing in Confidence and Knowledge, Part 2

This is Part 2 of Charity’s story. Click here to read Part 1.

“Here at school my teacher helped me to be integrated, to feel free and feel comfortable to play with my fellow pupils. I stopped being bullied by my fellow classmates because the teacher cared for me.”

A Place to Belong

Charity* knows that she is a force to be reckoned with and has a clear path towards 

her bright future, and the support of her community have helped pave the way.

“I encouraged her every day to remain in school and right now she is performing really well in primary 6. This is encouraging seeing where we have come with her in this journey,” her dad added.

Charity’s teacher received training from Wellspring on a variety of topics, including positive behaviour management in the classroom. She is breaking the barrier of stigma that so often leaves children with disabilities left behind. Through offering support and welcoming Charity into the classroom, her teacher is creating a classroom culture of inclusivity and is ensuring that every child, no matter what, belongs and thrives. And Charity’s passion for learning has been ignited and encouraged because of it:

“What is amazing about me is that I am a quick learner and am among the top five students in my class. My fellow classmates empower me to participate in the classroom. They are close to me and uplift my spirit in the classroom.”

The support of her family and community has transformed Charity’s learning experience from one of exclusion to one of true acceptance. She has found a place to belong in the classroom and advocates not only for her own learning, but for the education of all students with learning needs and disabilities:

“My advice to other children with disabilities is to tell them that they should go to school, for those who are not at school. And for those who are at school but do not study well I would tell them to put their effort in learning for them to be someone in the future.”

For Every Child

Like Charity, every student is worthy of accessing an education that welcomes them in, cares for their unique needs, and gives them opportunities to grow. Each child deserves the kind of education that treats them with dignity and worth, and equips them with the tools, knowledge, character and skills to achieve their God-given potential. 

“It is important that all the learners should be included because it helps us to be integrated and feel happy at school.”

Feeling safe and supported in the classroom has not only instilled confidence for Charity, but has given her a safe space to learn, grow, play, laugh, and discover. It is thanks to your support that students like Charity can say ‘I BELONG HERE’ and receive an education that equips them with the skills and confidence to meet their future with determination and excitement. 

Will you give a gift to create more inclusive classrooms for children like Charity?