Dear friends,

Well the first stage of the ride is over. We have arrived in Harare, Zimbabwe. which was the first and longest of the three legs. We’ll stay here for a rest day before heading for a stop near the Mozambique  border,then across Mozambique in to Malawi. All is going well and it is an amazing adventure.

Incredible people

We’ve met some incredible people. Thsembu, a bushman who showed us how to find water in the middle of the Kalahari desert. Bronwyn and Haydyn who have created an amazing rest stop for missionaries in Botswana. Susan and Sheunesu, working with HIV Aids children in Zimbabwe. So many more besides.

We also held  a meeting for youth leaders in Bulawayo and then I spoke  at a schools assembly about our trip, and the adventure of faith with God. I have a lot to say about that after these last two weeks!

Every person counts

One of the things I have realized yet again is that every person counts, that they all have a story, that they are loved by God and deserve the same dignity and respect from us as though Christ were here himself. It’s also been a deeply humbling thing to experience the power of His creation and to see that reflected in the size of an elephant, the grandeur of a Savannah sunset and even in the eyes of a child who has a short life expectancy due to a terrible virus.

I’ve reached 75% of my target

I’m also so pleased to be able to say that we have now raised nearly $12,500 for Wellspring, just $4,300 left to go to support a whole school and the educational opportunities our work provides for an entire year. I want to thank each one of you who have donated so far. It’s making a huge difference. Help me raise the last 25% by making a donation to Wellspring’s work.

Join us on the ride

For those of you who would like to join the ride, you can go to cape2kigali.com where you can read about these people and the ride in more detail as we post blogs and photos. You can also track us on route and see exactly where we are.

Where in the world is Andy?

Thanks so much for joining the journey.

Peace and grace,