[one_column]Most of the schools supported by Wellspring are characterized by overcrowded classrooms. Gisozi Primary is no exception. With just 23 teachers for 1846 students, the average class size is roughly 80. Yet Gisozi’s teachers have displayed a strong will and commitment to ensure that all the children are cared for accordingly, and that quality education is the priority of the school.

The effort to improve school standards through the development of quality education and strong leadership at Gisozi has captured the attention of the community, and local government partners.

So what is happening at Gisozi that is causing people to take notice?

Meet Mamille Mukangemanyi and Immaculee Twendeleye


Mamille, the headmistress, and Immaculee, the deputy headmistress, are vibrant leaders whose greatest passion is ensuring that quality education is in place.

Immaculee shares that, “Wellspring has really played a transformational role in our school. Before we received Wellspring’s training, we believed in corporal punishment as the most persuasive way to manage the behavior of our students. We were wrong. Instead, we realized that positive behavior management based on authentic love for our students is what is needed. Inclusive education has also been an important area that needed to be developed. Wellspring has also taught us how we can help students work together with love and respect. This has synergized students’ relationships to the point that some proactively raised funds to buy clothes and soaps for their needy colleagues. We have also seen a change of attitude from our students, who are now voluntarily involved in the cleaning of their classrooms. This is the result of the integration of values in our lessons.

We learned to care and to love our children in a very deep way so that they can joyfully collaborate in their own learning.” —Mamille

Another important component of the remarkable change the school has experienced is the adoption and implementation of sound teaching practices that foster quality education:

Unlike in previous years where our teachers could come start a lesson without having planned it accordingly, today lesson planning is a key and non-negotiable activity of all our teachers. We ensure that all the lessons are planned consistently and that values are integrated in the lesson. This has helped our children have a clear understanding of what is taught, so that they can relate to it in their own lives. This has raised our students’ performance in a significant way. The journey is still long but we are determined to make it a culture in our school,” Mamille notes.

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