[one_column]The journey towards school transformation is not one that happens overnight – but when the change begins in one person, the ripple effects can be enormous. At Nduba Groupe Scolaire, one of the K-12 schools that we work in, this has been particularly true.

Nduba is a very large school (with 1783 students & 37 teachers) that had experienced a time of stagnancy in its progress towards quality education. Conflict among leaders and a lack of collaboration among staff left teachers and leaders unmotivated, and unable to move forward. Recently though, following the transfer of some local school leaders, a new Head Teacher was sent to Nduba School. This Head Teacher had not only benefitted from Wellspring’s School Development Program in his previous school, but was committed to applying all he had learned in the context of his new school. The results have been incredible.

The Head Teacher began by working, in partnership with Wellspring trainers and the school leadership, to set strategies for the school. He also focused in on trying to rebuild the team of staff, particularly by showing each member how much they are valued, and how important their role is. As a result of this Head Teacher’s example – as he models the good practices he is encouraging in the school – the change has impacted both students and teachers. For example, he turns up early to school to demonstrate the importance and benefit of punctuality, and now students and teachers are increasingly arriving at school on time. Teachers now take their responsibilities seriously, and can be found either teaching their classes or in the office preparing quality lessons for their students.

Wellspring Trainer, Jean Claude, reports that “a spirit of unity is reigning” at Nduba Groupe Scolaire! Teachers now work together with a transformed leadership to achieve a common goal: a quality values-based education for the 1700+ students they serve.

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