The Impact of Monthly Giving

With only 2 out of 3 children completing Grade 7 in Rwanda, the time to spark a child’s curiosity, intellect, and God-given potential through education is short. So how does Wellspring maximize our time and investment in quality education? It’s all through our monthly giving program, sustained by the ongoing support of our generous and faithful donors. 

Our growth is built on a strong foundation, but reaching new heights of influence and impacting this generation the ones yet to come will only come with the sustained commitment from recurring giving partners like you. In fact, monthly giving is the #1 most effective, sustainable, and impactful way to support Wellspring’s mission to support quality education in East Africa! This is the impact of monthly giving:

Monthly Giving is Easy and Convenient

Recurring giving makes giving easy. No longer do you have to think, “Did I give a gift to Wellspring this month?”, because giving is automatic according to the amount you’ve decided to contribute monthly. It’s as easy as setting up a recurring gift online from the comfort of your favourite chair, and we’ll do the rest—including sending you a tax receipt just in time for tax season. 

Recurring Giving Builds Relationship

Not only does monthly giving help you build a relationship with us at Wellspring—and not to toot our own horn, but our Rwanda team is pretty great!—but it helps you stay connected with the schools, leaders teachers, parents and, students through quarterly reports, special invitations to exclusive events and other surprises along the way! 

Monthly Giving Supports our School Development Program

Our work with all our stakeholders is supported by monthly partners. When you sign up to give monthly, you’re supporting our work in Rwandan schools and the roll-out of School Development Program in these schools. Your support allows us to run training for teachers, leaders, parents, and community leaders. But it also allows us to provide the in-school support, mentoring, and coaching beyond the training that allows Wellspring’s approach to really become embedded in the school culture. Long story short, you’re supporting training and ongoing support. 

Recurring Giving Builds Sustainability

As a monthly donor, you’re helping build into the sustainability of our work and the long-term nature of our partnership with each school. Not long-term in the sense that we’ll always be there (we don’t want that to happen!), but in the sense that we’re not just training and leaving—we’re there to walk alongside those we train until the school reaches a place where change is sustainable.

Monthly Giving is Budget Friendly

For $55 a month, you can impact an entire classroom. Over the course of the year, your monthly gift adds up to $660, which can be a lot to give in one lump sum. Comparable to the cost of your cellphone bill and also broken up into monthly payments, a monthly gift allows for a predictable expense that will not break the bank. Keep in mind that tax credits often result in a good amount of your donations credited back to you as a tax deduction. It’s a win-win! Ultimately, you get to choose the amount that works best for you. Any gift is a blessing and supports school leaders, teachers, and parents as they provide the best quality education to their students.

Recurring Giving Allows for Predictable Revenue and Growth Planning

Recurring gifts give us an understanding of what revenue will look like in the months and years ahead. And with this understanding, we’re better able to plan for and implement the programs, plans, and activities we run in order to provide quality education to children who are so deserving. One-time gifts are amazing, but we never have the assuredness that a one-time gift will be repeated and thus are not able to securely budget for future programs. Wellspring is constantly growing and adapting new programs and plans, and monthly givers are the foundation that allows this to occur.

Monthly Giving Impacts Education For Generations to Come

When you give monthly to Wellspring, your gift doesn’t just impact the now, it echoes far into the future, too. Every time a teacher engages in peer learning and coaches their colleague to use encouragement instead of physical punishment, every time a school leader organizes lesson observations and helps teachers adopt techniques to promote active participation, every time a parent visits their child at school and checks in on their progress, the impact of your gift is felt for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? We invite you to join us in this exciting, groundbreaking, and transformative work that impacts students for today and tomorrow.