In 2012 Tite Siborurema was appointed as Head Teacher at Kabuye School to reverse its decline. Today, there is unity and new life at Kabuye. Watch Tite’s Story to see how this transformation took place.

[one_column]3 years ago, Kabuye Groupe Scolaire was experiencing major dysfunction and conflict due to poor leadership, overcrowded classrooms, scarce resources, and high dropout rates. Today, Kabuye is an award-winning school that truly embodies Wellspring’s vision of a Vibrant School Community. What’s been the catalyst for this dramatic change?

Meet Tite Siborurema

Tite is a student at Wellspring’s Abundant Leadership Institute and, since 2012, the Head Teacher at Kabuye. Tite, who had recently completed Wellspring’s Servant Leadership Training, was appointed to Kabuye to reverse the school’s decline—and immediately began demonstrating the principles of Christ-like leadership that he had learned in his new school setting.

As Wellspring trainers began to work with Kabuye’s teachers, Tite was building strong relationships with those teachers, developing a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration. He brought primary and secondary staff together to enhance cooperation, and coached teachers who had been causing conflict.

Tite encourages teachers to share knowledge and experience through regular in-service training—an  initiative that was recently recognized with a national award!

Wellspring’s training in Asset Based Community Development also created a paradigm shift as parents and teachers began developing solutions together at Kabuye. A kitchen, school fence, hygiene room, and modern latrines have been built as a result. They have also launched a feeding program and supplemented teachers’ low salaries.

Today, there is unity and new life at Kabuye

Students receive a holistic education (with more students than ever now excelling in national exams), while developing character, and building community. Tite credits this transformation to the investment Wellspring has made in his life and his school.[/one_column]