**Names changed to protect identities**

Trust is key in any relationship, especially within the realm of education. For a school to succeed, there must be a strong cohesion within the team of educators. Only when all stakeholders in a school come together to support each other can a quality education exist in the classroom. Wellspring knows that trust is the foundation upon which strong teams are built. Through our trainings, we help leaders embrace their team of educators by promoting healthy relationships between teachers and leaders. Once trust has been established, team members are more willing to receive feedback from each other and can begin the cycle of continuous improvement that comes through peer learning. Trust is the catalyst that pushes schools towards success.

After attending a Wellspring workshop on the importance of trust in education, John, the Head Teacher at Gasabo Primary, realized this was the missing competent in his team of educators. In order to see his school succeed in the future, he knew this issue needed to be fixed quickly. He began to brainstorm and soon realized that trust is earned through relationships. He organized a daily tea break with the teachers at Gasabo Primary and, as a sense of community began to emerge through this daily shared experience, John started to see an improvement in team strength, open-mindedness, and trust amongst team members. Each department meets during this break and discusses how they can help one another to achieve more. The Head Teacher sits with each group, never setting himself apart, to provide support. He encourages lively discussion about ideas for surpassing the challenges faced by the school and reminds the team about the school’s vision of overcoming illiteracy in students.

Trust: The Foundation for Improvement in Schools


Trust: The Foundation for Improvement in Schools

With this daily tea break emerged a sense of trust amongst the educators. Because they now feel like part of the same community, they are open to receiving feedback from each other. Thanks to the Head Teacher’s initiative, a culture of shared knowledge and trust has developed at Gasabo Primary. When new teachers enter the school, they are quick to adapt to quality education techniques. The supportive and welcoming nature of other teachers has helped three of the new teachers to improve to the point where they are already giving lessons at the level of those who have received intense training from Wellspring. By humbling himself and supporting his educators, John has helped his team to become strong, unified, and successful, which allows the school to focus on what is important: providing a quality education for students.

In 2017, after seeing Gasabo Primary improve immensely under his leadership, John was transferred to another school to help this success grow to impact even more students. Upon his arrival at the new school, John immediately organized a peer learning session amongst his new team of educators. He made sure to meet with each of the teachers personally to establish a foundation of trust before evaluating their styles and providing feedback for their improvement. He is now spreading Wellspring’s quality education techniques at his new school, and improvement has already begun. Teachers have started to grasp the concepts of active participation through group discussions and teaching aids, and positive behavioral management techniques. John’s success at this new school proves that, with good leadership and a foundation of trust, schools are pushed towards success and quality education emerges in the classroom.

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