Wellspring’s School Development Program has helped…

15.6% more kids go to secondary school due to improved exam results

Primary school completion rates increase to 99.4%

88% of parents gain the skills to engage with their child’s education

91% of leaders develop their skills in supporting quality education

82% of schools raise their standard of learning

Teacher performance in classrooms improve by 25%

What Does Sustainability Mean In Quality Education?

Sustainability is a hot word at the moment. You see it on television commercials and billboards, scrawled on products and splashed across signs. At Wellspring, we’re proud to call our work in quality education in Rwanda “sustainable”, but what does that mean exactly?

To Wellspring, sustainability means empowering leaders, teachers, and parents to take ownership over the success of their local school. It means equipping every member of the educational ecosystem with the skills to play their unique role in the education of their children. When our trainers set foot in the classroom, our efforts are focused on ensuring that the change sparked in each school will continue for generations to come. We are working to see structures strengthened, curriculum effectively implemented, parents actively engaged, leaders and teachers committed to effective teaching and learning, and model schools successfully sharing good practices with others. We believe that, in empowering people with tangible skills that they can effectively use and pass on to others, transformation and the implementation of a quality Christian values-based education can spread beyond the bounds of our wildest daydreams.

But we also believe that pursuing sustainability is Kingdom work. By adopting a humble approach and structuring our programs to empower others, Wellspring seeks to treat every person with the same dignity and worth that Jesus shows each of us. At the heart of our work is the belief that every child, no matter their circumstances, is adored by Jesus and deserves an education that will bring continuous glory to him.

And this means that when you give to Wellspring, your gift doesn’t just impact the now, it echoes far into the future as well. Every time a teacher engages in peer learning and coaches their colleague to use encouragement instead of physical punishment, every time a school leader organizes lesson observations and helps teachers adopt techniques to promote active participation, every time a parent visits their child at school and checks in on their progress, the impact of your gift is felt.

As Wellspring moves into a new region of Rwanda, the Rubavu District, and brings our School Development Program to some of the most at-risk children in the country, I ask you: Will you partner with Wellspring on this journey of sustainability? Will you help us bring a quality Christian values-based education to every child? Together, we can change not only the lives of hundreds of thousands of children, but through them, the very future of their nations.

Thank you,

Andy Harrington, CEO
The Wellspring Foundation for Education

Your gift today can impact children for years to come.