Teachers make up the heart of every school

“Wellspring sparked transformation within me. Because of this, I am now able to bring positive change to the lives of my students.”

No matter where you are in the world, teachers play a crucial role in the lives of children. They impart their wisdom, educate the next generation, and empower kids to succeed in the future. That’s why Wellspring is committed to helping teachers overcome barriers and become the best educators they can be.

Our School Development Program equips ‘multipliers’, teachers who we train directly. We invite these ‘multipliers’ to attend training days and give them principles that guide them in teaching a values-based quality education to their students. Our training team offers continued support by conducting follow-up visits with each teacher, encouraging peer learning, and teaching model lessons at each school. We encourage ‘multipliers’ to pass their skills along to other teachers so that true transformation can take place. This model ensures self-sustainability, which is an important step towards every child receiving an education that matches their God-given potential. To transform their classrooms into vibrant learning environments, ‘multipliers’ go through the following training modules:

Worldview and Values

Teaching Aids

Active Participation and Group Work

Positive Behavioural Management

Lesson Planning

Inclusive Teaching

“Despite my 20 years of teaching experience, I learned from Wellspring that quality education includes proper students’ behavior management, and building the child’s self-confidence in the learning process. I learned how to build real and good relationships with my students.”

Teachers are not only educators, they are role models and caregivers, encouragers and mentors. Read the stories below to see how teachers are using their newfound skills to nurture students on both the intellectual and heart level: