Unlock Potential With Education

In 2020, we all understand what it means to have lost potentialbut it is perhaps most evident in the lives of students forced out of school around the world. The hopes and dreams of kids were put on hold this year, just like the ones of Rwandan student Moise.

“I want to be a doctor. There are many viruses, like coronavirus and Ebola, and if I study, then I can treat those viruses.” – Moise

Moise is already thinking about how his education will help build a brighter future, but with this year’s school closures, the potential of Moise and other Rwandan children is at risk. While the interruption to their schooling cannot be reversed, you can help ensure that these children return to an education where they can rediscover their dreams and potential. 

When you give a tax-deductible donation to Wellspring, you’re helping kids access an education that not only nurtures their intellect, but their heart and character as well.

Yes, I want to unlock the potential of children like Moise!

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Your gift will help Rwandan children unlock their potential through access to a life-changing education.

Wellspring is registered as a charitable organization in Canada (#88633 4408 RR0001). Tax receipts are issued at year-end for donations of $20 or more. 

Financial Policy: All monies receipted by The Wellspring Foundation for Education are disbursed according to the policies of the society for the general charitable intent of the organization.