Visit Rwanda

You can view pictures that capture Rwanda’s natural beauty, you can read stories about the impact of Wellspring’s work, and you can hear us share about the incredible people we work with … but nothing compares to meeting these people and experiencing these places first-hand. That’s why we host annual Vision Trips in Rwanda, and why we would love for you to join us!

Vision Trips

Our Vision Trips give you the opportunity to meaningfully encounter Rwanda, to engage with its people, culture, and story, and to experience Wellspring’s work in person. Some of the trip highlights include:

  • A trip to Akagera National Park to view Rwandan wildlife
  • Experiencing a day in the life of rural Rwandans at Azizi Life
  • Engaging with teachers and students at the Wellspring Academy
  • Visiting with Wellspring Trainers to Rwandan schools to hear first-hand from the teachers, leaders, parents, and students we serve
  • Gaining a deeper insight into Rwanda’s past at the Kigali Genocide Memorial
  • Interacting with inspiring Rwandan leaders who are shaping the country’s future
  • Relaxing at beautiful Lake Kivu
The Vision Trip team

Join us in Rwanda!