Beauty for Ashes

Les & Kay share about church in Rwanda and a trip to the Genocide Memorial

Breakfast on the deck of our Hotel enjoying praise & worship music wafting up the hill from the 8am Christian Life Assembly service. We walked to the 10am service, so enjoyable, with reminders that ‘Christian maturity is a lifestyle of knowing God’. CLA is a huge church started by Canadian missionaries Elmer & Sherry Komant, who came from Kenya to a broken Rwanda in 1998.

Such a contrast to spending the afternoon at the Gisozi Genocide Memorial, a very sobering, emotional, thought provoking experience. This Memorial shows the raw facts leading up to the genocide in 1994, the killing of over 800,000 Rwandans in a 3 month period, and the following repercussions. Rwandans have come a long way in their forgiveness and reconciliation process. They are a vibrant society with a bustling economy. Their amazing forgiveness and their ability to live in the present with a vision for the future should be a great example and inspiration to us all.

A drive through beautiful Kigali to our hosts, Jeff and Jody Komant’s home, for dinner, friendship and debriefing/processing verbally our thoughts on the days’ events.