Cultural Dancers

After a couple days on the road, today was a slow start, back in Kigali, to give us all some rest.  After a leisurely breakfast we wandered down to the Wellspring offices to be treated with a cultural experience.  After sitting down in the shaded garden, traditional Rwandan dancers came out with bells on their ankles and huge smiles on their faces.  They were vibrant, skilled and exerted much energy as they jumped, sang & chanted, calling out to one another in their Kinyarwandan language.  Yet even Joy, one of our Rwandan Wellspring staff, couldn’t understand them as they called so quickly to one another.  (She equated it to modern rap music.)  

Two massive drums kept time for their feet as our hearts pounded along with the beat.  The women’s arms reached out so gracefully as they danced and moved with African grace.  The men flipped their long blonde wigs and danced with great gusto.  They surprised our group at the end of the performance when they came over and invited us to dance with them.  We clumsily joined along and the performance ended with much joy and laughter.  What a privilege to be a part of this cultural event.

Lunch took us to Mexico at Meze Fresh where we feasted on burritos, bowls & quesadillas.  We also spotted the Rwandan cycling team on the road as they are training for the upcoming competition soon here in Kigali.  It was a treat to see them after we had visited the Africa Rising Cycling Centre.  

We spent the afternoon shopping with hopes of bringing as much of Rwanda home with us as possible.  

Supper was at Khana Khazana where Andy Harrington, Wellspring CEO, joined us.  We enjoyed some lovely Indian cuisine while sharing our adventures and favourite stories of how we’ve been impacted.

We are excited to head out tomorrow for Akagera Game Park.  Thank you for all your thoughts & prayers that have covered us as we have travelled and enjoyed this beautiful country.