[one_column]Meet Ernest Ntamugabo, one of Wellspring’s Quality Education Team Leaders. Ernest joined our team in 2008 and has been impacting the Rwandan education sector ever since! We’re so grateful for Ernest’s leadership out in the field as he directly engages with teachers and school leaders almost every day.

Ernest was born in a rural area of the Nyabihu district in the Western Province of Rwanda and identifies as a villager at heart, despite having moved to Kigali in recent years. He earned his Masters in Development Studies at Kigali Independent University before heading off to America for a Postgraduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution at Smith College. Outside of work, Ernest likes to help people learn how to help themselves and has even served to promote teacher training in his home district of Nyabihu. His dedication is inspiring to all of us![/one_column]

“Wellspring has been like a compass for me. It activates the magnets of promotion, knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that I will use for the rest of my life.” – Ernest Ntamugabo, Quality Education Team Leader

[one_column]At Wellspring, Ernest spends most of his days in the field with his team of trainers. Together, they observe lessons and provide feedback for teachers, engage with school leaders to ensure exceptional leadership, give model lessons as a demonstrative tool, and so much more! Ernest is one of the key players in Wellspring’s journey to mentor, motivate, mobilize, and support leaders in Rwanda’s education sector. Schools in the Gasabo district have improved their overall performance thanks to Ernest’s direct impact. He has empowered many people through his skills and dedication to Wellspring’s work. In the future, Ernest is keen to continue serving the Lord, wherever that may take him. He’s excited to see Wellspring’s work expanding to the more rural areas of Rwanda, so that all children may have access to quality education, no matter where they live. You can learn more about Wellspring’s expansion, which includes work in Ernest’s home district of Nyabihu, here.[/one_column]