[one_column]Meet Kristie Voth, Wellspring’s Public Engagement Coordinator. She’s been part of the team since April 2016 and we couldn’t be happier!

Kristie hails from the thriving metropolis of Crystal City, a small farming community in Manitoba of about 400 people. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Ministry at Prairie Bible College, she felt the call of the west and has since lived on Vancouver Island and in the Okanagan Valley. She now calls Langley home and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education Degree at Trinity Western University. When she’s not busy planning events for Wellspring, Kristie enjoys hiking and sewing.[/one_column]

“When you wake up in the morning and realize your efforts are actually changing the world, you’ve got your dream job. That’s why I love working for Wellspring. We’re involved in transformation at every level of society, with a focus on children as the change agents of the future.” – Kristie Voth, Public Engagement Coordinator

[one_column]At Wellspring, Kristie spends most of her days engaging with the public—hence the job title! She works hard at planning many events throughout the year, with particular emphasis on our cycling fundraisers. Thanks to Kristie, people right here in North America are helping to transform the education sector in Rwanda by partnering with us through events. Right now, she is busy with our upcoming cycling fundraiser, the Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda (click here to learn more about the Lake2Lake).

Kristie’s favourite Wellspring memory comes from Rachel’s Ride 2016. As each rider crossed the finish line, they received a participation ribbon. She recalls seeing the joy on people’s faces, young and old alike, as they pinned the ribbon on their jerseys. The ribbon came to represent so much more than the completion of a 5 or 10 km bike ride—it transformed into a badge of honour that represented their partnership with students in Rwanda. As she continues to work with Wellspring, Kristie is most looking forward to seeing the continued impact in children’s lives through our work.[/one_column]