Join us on our African overland adventure and help us Transform 49 Rwandan schools into Vibrant Communities—impacting the lives of 1600+ Teachers and 82,000+ Children.

Follow our adventures as we ride from Cape Town, South Africa to Kigali, Rwanda at the Cape2Kigali trip site

Our goal is to raise $15,000 to help Wellspring transform the lives of children by transforming their schools.

Your Donation in Perspective:

  • It is less than $1/month or $12/year to transform education for a child
  • $30/month or $360/year to transform half a classroom (35+ Students)
  • $55/month or $660/year to transform an entire classroom (70+ Students)
  • $220/month or $2640/year to transform a classroom block (280+ Students)
  • $1400/month or $16,800/year to transform an entire school (1400+ Students)

If you commit to a multi-year gift, Wellspring will personally connect you with one of the schools where we work. You will receive a school profile and quarterly updates with progress reports, letters from teacher trainers, and impact stories.[/one_column]