Investing in Education Through a Pandemic

What a year 2020 has been! While this year surprised us all with uncertainty, disappointment, and lost potential, we still look back in amazement for all the ways God continued to work.

Investing in Education Through a Pandemic

Our field operations were dramatically impacted by Rwanda’s national lockdown, as education came to a sudden halt. Yet, our people-centred approach allowed us to continue investing in education. Our team connected with teachers, leaders, and parents over the phone to encourage them in their unique role in children’s home-based learning. This led to the development of self-guided workbooks that served as a tool for practical response to the needs of Rwanda’s children.

Working with local partners, we also supported emergency relief efforts, including food deliveries to vulnerable families, the seconding of three drivers to the national COVID task force, and the provision of sanitation stations in over 50 schools to help keep children healthy. Recognizing too that dropout will be a significant issue now that most schools have reopened, we are continuing our essential work with communities to ensure that every child has a path back to the education they deserve.

A warm welcome to Kevin Dixon, Wellspring's new CEO.

A Heartfelt Goodbye and a Warm Welcome

In July, we said goodbye to our former CEO, Andy Harrington, and welcomed a new leader, Kevin Dixon. Kevin comes to Wellspring from a diverse background of following God’s call and shares Wellspring’s deep passion to see every person treated with justice, worth, and dignity. While we look back in gratitude for Andy’s eight years of leadership, we also look ahead with excitement for what is yet to come with Kevin at the helm! 

Wellspring Goes Virtual

Wellspring Goes Virtual

The realities of 2020 pushed us to creatively reimagine our key events. In April, we took our annual gala online to great success, featuring video updates from Rwanda and engaging discussion about key issues facing education. In September, our annual Lake2Lake event went global, with participants running, biking, walking, and even trampolining to raise funds for quality education in Rwanda!

Looking to the Future, For Every Child

Looking to the Future

Earlier this year, we launched our new strategic plan, Vision 2024: For Every Child. This plan will see Wellspring deepen and widen our work in Rwanda and other countries through advocacy and educational initiatives. Head over to our website to take a look and see how you can play a role in a child’s future.

While we may not know what the future holds, we know education will be more important than ever. A long road stretches ahead as we fight against the consequences of this pandemic, but we know that it’s worth it to see every child equipped with an education that matches their God-given potential.