Meet Louise Reilly, Wellspring’s Director of Public Engagement. We’ve been blessed to have Louise as part of our North American team since 2013. We can’t imagine our office without her bubbly presence, hard work, and commentary of Andy Murray’s tennis matches!

Louise was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland before hearing the call of the Pacific Northwest and moving to Canada in 2003, where she obtained her Masters of Christian Studies (with a Missions and Social Justice focus) at Regent College. She now lives in Langley with her husband Phil and their children. Before Wellspring, she served as the Research Manager at CCA (the UK Customer Contact Association) for twelve years, working remotely from Canada while studying and raising her two sons.

“My role with Wellspring is so much more than a job. It’s a daily privilege to play a small part in seeing the real and lasting change that education can bring, both in the lives of individuals and the trajectory of nations. I’m constantly inspired by my Rwandan friends who do this work on the ground, and who bring light and hope wherever they go. And I’m humbled too by our partners here in North America who give so generously in many ways to see Wellspring’s vision become a reality. It’s a complete joy to be part of this story!”

As per her job title, Louise spends most of her days developing opportunities to see people meaningfully engaged with Wellspring’s story. This means that the primary focus of her job is to see people connected to and impacted by Wellspring’s work, both in Canada and Rwanda. Louise oversees our Partner Engagement activities, and our School Partner Program. One of her favourite things about her job (though it’s hard to pick just one!) is building bridges between people. This comes in many shapes and sizes. Some days, it looks like connecting our supporters in Canada with the people we serve in Rwanda through communications, vision trips, and events. Other days, it’s ensuring that collaboration and communication flows smoothly between our Rwandan and North American offices. Even though our teams are thousands of miles apart, we are all part of one Global Wellspring family!

Louise’s favorite Wellspring memory comes from her first visit to a school impacted by Wellspring’s training. After working with us for a few months, the vision and heart for people we serve came alive when she visited Munini Primary. Upon speaking with one of the students, Louise realized that he represented the thousands of children we are privileged to serve through our work. When toiling away in an office, it can be easy to get lost in the numbers and administration and forget about the real world impact of Wellspring’s work. Louise still has a photo of this student on her desk to serve as a reminder that the work done in the North American office is done for this student and thousands of others like him.

In Wellspring’s future, Louise is excited to see many more children impacted by our work, both directly as we expand both within and outside of Rwanda, and indirectly as a result of the systemic change in education. She’s also very excited about Wellspring’s Gala on May 11th (You can RSVP here).