[one_column]Meet Béatrice Namango, one of Wellspring’s Quality Education trainers. She joined our team in 2007 and has been bringing transformation to education in Rwanda for a decade! We’re so thankful for Beatrice’s role in the Wellspring family.[/one_column]

“Wellspring has been an incredible friend to Rwanda by playing a big role in creating the new curriculum. This will soon produce critical thinkers, who are capable of solving any problem and are full of positive values. This is why I love working with Wellspring!”

[one_column]Beatrice was born in Rwanda and raised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo before returning to her home country to study. Prior to joining Wellspring, she taught French and served as a local leader at schools in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. During her time with Wellspring, Beatrice has also been working towards a post-education degree in social work at East African University of Nyagatare/Rwanda. One of Beatrice’s many outstanding qualities is her open heart. She is always ready to serve others! Beatrice is a true ambassador of Wellspring’s values.

At Wellspring, Beatrice works with our Quality Education team in the Gasabo district. She spends her days in schools, observing lessons and giving feedback to teachers. With Beatrice’s encouragement and techniques, teachers are becoming more confident and are excelling in providing a quality education to their students. Beatrice also liaisons with local leaders about the performance of schools in their sector. With her help, each school sets a target of improvement and an action plan is created to help get them there. Thanks to trainers like Beatrice, Gasabo is now the number one performing district in Rwanda!

Beatrice is excited to see the fruits that will come from Wellspring’s role in crafting Rwanda’s new Competence-Based-Curriculum. Now, the whole country is implementing values and competencies. This will soon be producing critical thinkers who are competent citizens. Beatrice can’t wait to see how Wellspring’s actions today are impacting the lives and education of the children who will grow up to shape the future of Rwanda. You can learn more about Rwanda’s new curriculum here.[/one_column]