0-100 in One Turn!

Monday, February 18 – Kigali, Rwanda

After our delicious breakfast buffet at Akagera Lodge, we headed out on an early morning adventure. We were all in anticipation of more wildlife sightings as yesterday was so successful. However, after much bouncing, jostling and twisty turns through the mucky potholes, all we saw were hippopotamus eyes glaring at us from a distance (in the lake). Spirits were down as we searched continuously for the alleged elephants that supposedly lived in the jungle. Two and a half hours later, defeated and bruised, we were about to retreat and go back to the lodge. When suddenly, we rounded a corner and there was a HUGE elephant. In fact, there was a herd of elephants. One member of our group said that with one turn, the tour went from 0-100! It was amazing to see God’s creation before us. We observed the very large male protecting the baby elephants by advancing towards our vehicle. Very scary! All of us got unbelievable photos of the elephants and it made the trip home enjoyable. Throughout the trip, our guide explained the way in which the animal kingdom is intertwined. After observing zebras, giraffes, a leopard, baboons, antelopes, African birds, termites and elephants, we were all reminded of God’s creativity and awesomeness!