The Fruit of the Hen

Thursday, February 14 – Rubavu, Rwanda

After an incredibly active and fun filled day, we awoke to a breakfast which included some western favorites. Among them were porridge, toast, and the fruit of the hen (boiled eggs).

Following breakfast, we spent time doing devotions as a group and discussed the importance of being still – the physical, emotional, and spiritual advantages of taking time apart for ourselves.  If Jesus found it necessary to do so, we must follow His example. If we desire to be effective and fruitful, we must take time to be refreshed through time with our Father.

It was then time to leave Muhanga and head to Rubavu.  The sights and scenery were absolutely breathtaking. The commentary was informative and enlightening.  Learning about the types of trees and their uses. The variety of crops and the individuals who plant, maintain and harvest.  Back-breaking, exhausting work in less than ideal circumstances according to our western world. But they do it heartily, willingly, and with joy.  They work with diligence and integrity.

Following a delicious lunch in a very unique restaurant overlooking Lake Kivu, we had the privilege of briefly attending a school leadership training event.  Included in the attendees were head teachers, parent committee members, and finance committee members. This was the first of a conference such as this in the Rubavu area.

It was designed and planned by locals who are committed to developing and promoting the roles of each of the partners and putting processes in place that will ensure a successful end result. This discussion is important for all three levels and partners to that there is a common purpose and vision and so that there will be transparency and trust among all partners and participants.

It is tremendous to see and be a part of an organization that is “empowering Rwanda’s Educational leaders to empower other Rwandan leaders.”