Joyful in Muhanga

Wednesday, February 13 – Muhanga, Rwanda

One word that describes today would be JOY! From the time we arrived to the small yard of our host home, we were able to see joy in the lives of the women who would host our Azizi Life Experience day. They showed joy in their beaming faces, joy in their singing, joy in their dancing. And they invited us into that joy by inviting us to be part of their community, even if it was just for a day. We were invited to prepare our own lunch by peeling sweet potatoes and hauling water (a thirty minute hike away). It was a small reminder that even when life might seem harsh or monotonous or mundane, there is an opportunity for joy. There was joy we shared in Jesus, a joy we can so easily crowd out in our busy efficient lives. Oh, and there was laughter too as we shared names (Chuck?), sang songs, and danced (go Ben!). Finding joy sometimes means letting go. Letting go of a hurried schedule long enough to make connections. Each little connection may not always seem significant, but added together, they can make a cord that is not easily broken — or a banana leaf bracelet, woven with new friends who will not be easily forgotten.