Empowering Others With A Biblical Perspective

Wellspring’s Abundant Leadership Institute (ALI) exists to partner with passionate leaders in the education sector, all of whom have a vision for transformation in their school communities. Through workshops and mentorship opportunities, we come alongside these leaders and empower them with the necessary skills to lead their schools towards a bright future. We work with leaders like Adrian Bizimana—a student in our second ALI class who leads Gikonko School in Huye, a southern region in Rwanda.

Even though Gikonko was one of the top performing Protestant schools in Rwanda, Adrian found the school in a corrupt state, Teachers were divided and struggled to work together as a team, which echoed down to the students as well, causing low morale throughout the school.

During a recent field visit, Adrian shared with us how demoralized he felt upon uncovering these problems, and how he knew that he needed to increase his leadership skills to address these issues properly:

“Before joining the second cohort of the Abundant Leadership Institute, my school was in a devastating place in terms of its leadership. Teachers were divided and students were rebellious … I felt a need to seek assistance. That’s when I heard of ALI training.”

After participating in ALI’s Biblical Worldview module, which teaches leaders how to integrate biblical values into their school classrooms in order to instill wisdom in the next generation, Adrian felt that his prayers had been answered. The lessons and values taught in this ALI module helped him craft the solutions to the problems facing the school. Adrian taught his team of educators about infusing lessons with biblical values and emulating Jesus as their role model. This helped teachers come together as a team of educators instead of divided individuals. He also humbled himself and acted as a servant leader by creating room in his busy schedule for interacting directly with the students—something that is rare for Head Teachers. Adrian adapted the Biblical Worldview module to fit the needs and issues facing the students in his school and crafted a two-day workshop for them. Together, they discussed biblical worldviews on topics such as love, sex, and family, as well as many others. As a result of spending time directly with the students and discussing values with them, the students are now quelling their rebellious acts and are respecting their school.

Through Wellspring’s Abundant Leadership Institute, Adrian is being shaped with leadership skills that empower him to serve with love and humility. By acting as a servant leader and understanding that his success as a leader comes from the success of those he leads, Adrian has cultivated a community of trust and spiritual support at the school, as well as a newfound sense of enthusiasm for learning amongst students and teachers. Adrian is leading Gikonko School towards a bright future, which is also encouraging the teachers and students to their own paths towards success.

Adrian’s story is just one of the many tales of transformation that come from our Abundant Leadership Institute. Each one of our students is sparking change in their school communities and in the lives of teachers, parents, and students. Engaged, servant leadership is essential for a quality education, which is why Wellspring is committed to continue partnering with emerging leaders in the education sector to see the transformation at Gikonko School spread across Rwanda and beyond. We want to invite you along on this journey as well.

Will you partner with leaders like Adrian and the rest of our Abundant Leadership Institute students to bring quality education to the school communities of East Africa?