At Wellspring, people matter. Our trainers invest in the development of teachers, school leaders, and the wider community of parents, ensuring that people are empowered from the inside out so that their lives and communities can be restored and transformed.

Within the framework of our School Development Program, our trainers share their experience and expertise with teachers to ensure that positive attitudes and practices are not only acquired, but that they are also multiplied and sustained. However, Wellspring’s support is never limited to the development of technical skills and the acquisition of knowledge. A real and deep inside out change from those being empowered is what makes this journey special.


This is reflected in the words of Mary Nankya, one of our passionate teacher trainers. Mary has participated in this transformational journey with schools leaders, teachers, local government officers, and parents in Gasabo district since 2008.

Mary believes that building vibrant relationships is core to our program’s success:

Teaching aids, learning materials, time management, lesson planning are important quality education concepts. But I always resist the temptation to see them as an end. Our ultimate goal as trainers is to witness a genuine transformation of relationships between students and teachers, or a deep change of attitude from parents regarding their involvement in the education of their children.”

Mary admits the journey is not always easy or straightforward—tough challenges and obstacles arise, and progress needs to be sustained:

All days are not the same. Sometimes we celebrate our success. Sometimes we learn to listen so that we can understand why we are facing resistance. And in all circumstances, we have come to understand that people’s lives matter and that our action should always start with building relationships that are conducive to great learning environments. Our priority should always be to restore broken families and to care for the people we support, since it is always about people. And this is what makes Wellspring’s work great and always enjoyable.”

People matter to us. And by partnering with Wellspring, you can help us continue to put people first as we invest in seeing lives and education transformed.

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