Shango: A School Transformed Through Monthly Giving

In a rural school in Gasabo, over 50 parents are crowded around a few rickety desks, discussing the needs of the school and how it’s their responsibility to help—this is their kids’ education they’re talking about after all. By the end of the afternoon, they have committed to building a new bathroom block and are looking into raising money to install a new water tank. Just across the school garden in another classroom, a Kinyarwanda lesson is taking place. The teacher is using teaching aids written on locally-sourced rice sacks to illustrate different vowel sounds to his students. The kids are waving their hands in the air, excitedly saying ‘Me Teacher! Me Teacher!” in a bid to show off their answers to the exercise. Tucked away in the back of the classroom, the head teacher is jotting down notes to encourage the teacher later on and help him improve his skills even more.

Everywhere you look, people are working to further the education of the students. It’s present in the “hardworking” and other values signs stuck into the garden and in the banner above the head teacher’s office that says “Welcome To Our Inclusive School.” It’s present in the teacher who stays after class to help kids and the parent offering free hair cuts to promote hygiene. This is what it looks like when all stakeholders work together to create a thriving educational ecosystem that sees kids empowered and fulfilled. 

This is Shango Primary, a school that is part of Wellspring’s School Development program and is supported through our monthly giving program. This transformative example of Jesus-based love in action wouldn’t be possible without the sustainable foundation that our monthly School Partners provide to Shango and other schools like it.

But what does this look like? How does monthly giving help transform a school?

INFOGRAPHIC Your Gift to Wellspring

When you give monthly you…

Provide a sustainable foundation for lasting change in education in Rwanda

Engage deeply with a partner school and see the tangible impact your generosity has in the lives of children

Hear from Wellspring trainers and the stakeholders we work with to experience the transformation happening all around them

Stand on the front lines of changing a child’s experience today and their opportunities tomorrow

And that’s not all. By giving monthly, you are right there with the parents growing crops for the school lunch program at Musave, the teacher using local beans to teach kids to count at Kagugu, the school leader reaching out into the community to bring back kids who have dropped out of class at Kanyundo, and our trainers as they hike hours to reach Yungwe Primary. You are in each classroom, helping each child.

Monthly School Partners are foundational members of the Wellspring family, and as we celebrate our 15th birthday, we’re also celebrating the transformation that is happening thanks to our monthly givers. We would love for you to join us on this journey and be part of helping even more schools and students thrive as they experience quality education. 

Thank you for coming alongside Wellspring and the children of Rwanda!