From Teacher-First to Student-First

This is part 2 of a 4-part series on Kabirizi School. Click here to read the story in full.

Along with Kabrizi’s Head Teacher Justin, teacher Boniface has reoriented his priorities as an educator with the help of Wellspring’s training. After teaching primary one and two classes all day, he left school each evening frustrated and exhausted. He led his classroom single-handedly, with no space for students to engage or participate in their learning—and students were suffering as a result. Not only were they failing to grasp lesson concepts and failing tests, but they were fearful of their teacher. Boniface had a harsh awakening when a student told him “we feel safe when you’re absent”. This was the turning point, and Wellspring’s training was the catalyst for his transformation.

When Wellspring came to train us, everything changed for me because I wanted to be a better teacher than I was before.”

Looking back, he realized that he was using a teacher-centered method where he was the only one talking—and the learning of students fell through the cracks. During Wellspring lessons, he learned “that I have to meet the needs of my students. I have to ensure that my lessons are focusing on students first. They advised me that I do not have to do all the teaching myself.”

Equipped with these new teaching techniques, Boniface now enters the class each day rested and eager to lead his students in their learning. “Something that I love about my job is seeing my students move from one point to the other. I feel so much joy when every child learns something new.

With help from our Wellspring trainers, Boniface learned how to provide his students with a quality education—one that puts their learning first, builds into each student, and equips them for their future. And it’s only through your continued support that this was possible! It’s through our dedicated community of Monthly School Partners that our trainers can come alongside schools like Kabirizi and teachers like Boniface in this journey. This month, you can come alongside teacher Justin in his primary classes as he continues working towards sustainable and holistic change for Kabirizi, not just for his students, but for the students in the years ahead.

Will you join the Kabirizi School Community as a Monthly School Partner?

At the height of the pandemic and school closures, Boniface showed his commitment to his students and their learning by advocating for vulnerable children to return to classrooms upon reopening. And his efforts were not done alone; he is backed up by a powerful community of parents equally committed to the success of their kids. Stay tuned next week to meet a parent representative from the Kabirizi School Community!