What Inspired You to Become a Teacher?

This likely won’t come as a surprise to you, but Wellspring’s Quality Education, Early Childhood Education, and Community Involvement trainers were all once teachers themselves! Our incredible team of trainers once led their own class of students, poured into the hearts and minds of the next generation, and learned the imperative role of education for the benefit of their students and their country.

We recently connected with our team of trainers to hear more about their heart for teaching. We’d love to introduce you to three incredible trainers—Samuel, Philomene, and Emmanuel—and learn what inspired them to become teachers.

Samuel Ngendahimana, Community Involvement Trainer

“When I attended primary school, I appreciated the way teachers have been with me. They enlightened me and my classmates and pushed me to do the same for the future generation. I felt very interested in pursuing the career of teaching. As a teacher, I am so happy when I help others discover the world. I loved helping transform others.”

Philomene Nyirabazungu, Early Childhood Education Trainer

“First of all, the impact of teachers on the lives of students inspired me. The best reason to be a teacher was that I wanted to have a positive, inspiring impact on children’s lives. I achieved this by being kind, caring, empathic, passionate, and funny. These are great qualities that I learned in relation to my inspiration. I have developed my love for teaching from the love I received from my former teachers, who showed me compassion, care, and empathy. I grew up considering teaching as the only profession which can change the world, the profession which can change lives and societies. I became a teacher to make amazing impacts in people’s lives. Additionally, I could see teachers’ smiles, and I felt this happiness too, from teaching, playing with children, and everything connected to the teaching profession. What an amazing act—playing, laughing, having fun while learning, and helping others learn? Even since then, nothing amazes me more than developing potential in others.”

Emmanuel Turatsinze, Quality Education Trainer

“Several positive and negative factors have influenced me to become a teacher. On the one hand, I liked the way my teachers in P1 and P5 treated children far differently from others. Both of them were very intelligent, provided us with knowledge, and advised us on being good people by respecting and valuing others. They used to tell us stories that built my personality of humility and support. They would talk and discuss any mistakes or negative behaviour with students. They were good teachers. On the other hand, I have been challenged by how some other teachers treated children; shouting, slapping them for minor reasons that could be corrected without using harsh methods. I grew up with a mind of turning things around, not for vengeance, but another way of treating children in a peaceful way like my teachers of P1 and P5.”

Whether a desire to inspire change on negative teaching practices or to continue in their positive legacy, our trainers were inspired by their teachers! Now, as Wellspring trainers, they pour into the lives of other educators to help them correct outdated methods and provide the best possible education for their students. They walk alongside school leaders, teachers, and parents through training and ongoing support to empower and equip them to play their unique role in supporting the education of their children and community. And all this is done through your generous support!

When you support Wellspring, you support our team of trainers who are the hands of feet of our work. You’re inspiring transformation and professional development for school leaders to serve their staff and students better. You are emboldening Rwanda’s teachers—those who build into the next generation of leaders—to step into their role with the knowledge that they are making a difference for their children and the future of their nation. You’re equipping parents with the tools and skills to support their children in their learning.

Will you support our team of trainers like Samuel, Philomene, and Emmanuel as they partner with school communities to transform their nation’s education system from the inside out?